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was last modified on
May 6, 2007

   Data Storage   

"MyPartition.com" is all about long-term data storage on computers.

What device remembers your documents and programs, when the computer is off? That's "data storage"? It's that hard disk thingy, or that CD thingamabob, or the floppy disk whatchamacallit, or the ROM chip that looks like a big cockroach, or the USB "thumb drive"...all tucked away inside the big, rectangular box with blue LEDs making helicopter noises near your desk.

Go find that box now. No, it's not the hamster cage.  Look for something that smells more like fried ozone and less like a locker room. Look for something like this: 

Open CPU box

The KGWagner "My Partition" Storage FAQ project would like to thank SourceForge.net Logo  for their support.